NAMIBIA is the jewel of Africa, already turning heads in the conservation world because of its sound wildlife utilisation policies where the government actively promotes Trophy hunting. We operates primarily in the Zambezi Region of Namibia (formerly Caprivi) concentrating on large Dangerous Game Hunting. Namibia is considered one of the most political stable countries in Africa, and is an absolute hunters paradise. Namibia has a wide variety of habitats, making it one of the most diverse countries in Africa. The region where we are based is mostly a dangerous game region, within easy travel by commercial airlines from Windhoek (Namibia) or Johannesburg (South Africa).  

As we hunt, mostly from our own very well appointed and comfortable camps, situated on one of the three concessions we currently own in the region, you can always be assured of an extremely high quality safari. Our areas are Bwabwata East concession (park area) as well as Sobbe and Sikunga communal conservancies. To Cater for additional demand outside of what we can offer in these 3 areas, or for the specific needs of a client, we also offer hunts in other Caprivi and Kavango conservancies, in Damaraland and Kaokoland conservancies in the North-Western Region of Namibia. , as well as on private land in both Namibia and South Africa. This puts us in the unique position to offer the discerning hunter totally free-range areas for dangerous game hunting. 

It is important to us that you enjoy your hunt, so we will tailor-make the hunt to each hunter's physical and mental abilities, and what they prefer as a trophy, without compromising our ethics and fair chase principles. We are there to make your hunt most enjoyable and safe, so your needs always comes first.