14 Days all included leopard hunts for 2019

US$5000 credit should you not get your cat

PRICE: US$19500


To all our clients, family and friends

I hope that during these last two years that was really uncertain and difficult times for all of us that all of you are staying healthy and safe. 

The covid pandemic that swept across this globe have destroyed so many businesses and even lives, but I hope that you can feel the warmth of your family's love this festive season and may peace and hope full your life throughout 2022. 

May we all forgive our enemies and the pain that was part of 2021.

Remember, the past is for learning from mistakes. the present is to embrace new things and the future is for setting hopes. 

Each year end marks a new beginning. Try to keep your spirit and determinations unshaken. Lets take vows to love each other and overcome all the obstacles of the past and the present. 

Faith makes all things possible

Hope makes all things work

Love makes all things beautiful

May you have all of this for Christmas and the new year. 

Love from all of us at African Dreams

Dear friends
I hope that 2022 started off with good health and that everyone of you would be able to fulfill your traveling dreams this year and the years to come. 
We are still in business, yes we are. 
Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, I would not be able to attend all the shows this year that I usually attend. I will try my best to be at most of them, but at this stage I am in a situation where I cannot yet plan. I hope to see your sweet faces during 2022. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am in office as we speak and will continue to give you the service you deserve. 
We have some great deals on fantastic trips for 2022. 
Hope to hear from you soon.
As always to your service.